An essential part of the Positivus Festival is the activities section, where festival-goers can take part in exciting challenges, games, and educational events year after year to provide themselves and their festival company with unforgettable festival memories.

This year, in the interest of environmental sustainability, we invite you to stop by:
– At the deposit point, where you will be able to donate the deposit container purchased on the festival territory, thus donating the 10 cents deposit fee for the improvement of Lucavsala;
– At the drinking water point organized by Riga Waters, you will be able to get drinking water for free, so that no unnecessary drinking water packaging waste is produced.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, a mental health tent “Viss ir norm.a” will be available on the festival territory, where you can practice and learn self-help techniques accompanied by psychologists and mental health mentors, as well as participate in group classes.

We recommend not to miss the following adventures:
– In the Creditea tent, you will be able to start a treasure hunt, resulting in valuable prizes or even €1000!

– In Lāčplēsis beer bar you will be able to enjoy a cold beer and get your legendary records on the box climbing wall.

– In the Lielvārdes beer bar during the day you will have a chance to meet beer master Ingemārs Dzenis and participate in the Hot Wings competition.

– In Mangaļi PLUS zone you can indulge in fun activities such as giant slingshot to win awesome prizes! At Mangaļi PLUS zone they will keep you hydrated and energized after a long night of dancing and recharge for new adventures!
– On the way, stop at Laima’s tent, so that both you and your festival company can have tangible memories of one of the most musically filled weekends of this summer in the special Laima photo booth!

– In the Narvesen zone both festival days will be dedicated to the hot dog eating competition to find out who is the hot dog king! And also every guest will be able to participate in the hot dog “blieznis.”
– Take part in the blind taste tasting at the Pepsi tent to find out which of the cola drinks is the most suitable for your taste!

Neiztrūkstoša festivāla sastāvdaļa ir festivāla aktivitāšu sadaļa, kurā festivāla apmeklētāji gadu no gada var piedalīties aizraujošos izaicinājumos, spēlēs un izglītojošos pasākumos, lai sagādātu sev un savai festivāla kompānijai neaizmirstamas festivāla atmiņas.