Sustainable Positivus

Sustainable Positivus

Sustainable Positivus with the sustainability partner Neste

Positivus music festival, in collaboration with its sustainability partner Neste, continues to implement a range of solutions aimed at making the event more environmentally friendly and socially responsible. “Sustainable Positivus” is our sustainability program, which provides solutions.


 Smart choice of transport

– Festival is located in the center of Riga, the capital of Latvia, which is easily accessible by foot or public transport.
– In order to encourage festival visitors to travel to the festival by smarter choices of transport, parking lots will not be provided at the festival venue and its vicinity. However, if you want to come by private transport, choose one of the smartest ways:

*A Neste Mobility Point will be located near the Positivus festival grounds, providing convenient parking for more environmentally friendly modes of transport, such as bicycles and e-scooters;

*In collaboration with Positivus, Neste will provide a limited number of parking spaces for electric cars, available by prior registration via @Neste on Facebook.

– The location of the new festival in Lucavsala significantly reduces the transportation of the festival’s technical support to the festival.

Responsible energy solutions

– The festival will use the city’s electricity connection as much as possible.
– The technical equipment of two festival stages will be operated using 100% Neste MY renewable diesel fuel, which will help save on average 90% of CO2e emissions.
– The catering area at the festival will be provided using locally available energy sources.

Healthier meals

– Caterers are encouraged to include locally sourced products in their meals as much as possible and to include vegetarian and vegan meals in their menus.
– Caterers are encouraged to avoid creating leftovers as much as possible.

Delicious water as much as you can drink

– Drinking water from Riga Water will be provided to all festival visitors.
– Visitors will be allowed to bring in non-breakable, transparent personal water bottles and reusable takeaway coffee cups into the festival area to refill water.

 Less waste

– During the construction stages of the festival site, all produced waste is sorted.
– All companies and organizations involved in the festival are provided with sorting containers that are separated from the public area.
– In the process of organizing the festival, the festival team uses recycled or recyclable materials as much as possible.
– During the festival, the distribution of any informational materials is prohibited on its territory.
– Festival organizers, service providers, etc. employees are prohibited from using balloons, flammable objects, and creating single-use waste without rational justification in their activities.

– To avoid the use of non-recyclable, single-use plastic packaging as much as possible, this year’s festival will introduce deposit glasses.

Social Responsibility

– The festival operates professionally, ethically, and responsibly, ensuring sustainability for both the environment and society. We collaborate and engage openly with organizations, institutions, and other stakeholders in our field.

– The festival provides an opportunity for at least 60 young volunteers to participate in its organization, allowing young people interested in the music industry to gain experience in organizing a music festival. The festival also provides opportunities for non-governmental organizations to participate in the festival free of charge for fundraising purposes.

– The festival’s organizing team actively promotes diversity through the program’s development, considering factors such as performers’ gender, nationality, ethnicity, and age. Additionally, the festival offers a wide range of music, art, and food genres.

– The festival organizers have ensured accessibility for people with mobility impairments.


– The festival supports Ukraine’s fight for independence, and therefore, the organizers include performances by Ukrainian musicians in the festival program.

– All VIP guests and accredited media will be offered the opportunity to donate in support of Ukraine at the entrance to the festival grounds.