Friday 8 April 2016


Each summer Positivus Festival offers its visitors not only a versatile music and arts programme, but also a chance to discover and purchase original designs – apparel, shoes and various accessories. Festival market features a wide range of items from contemporary and vintage, traditional and untamed, to true elegance and funky ethno simplicity.

Positivus arts and crafts market is an integral part of the festival experience – between the performances visitors can explore the colorful stalls of Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian designers, find exciting new apparel, accessories and unique jewelry. With an abundance of colors and styles, fashion novelties and time-tested traditions, the arts and crafts market is a real celebration for style and fashion enthusiasts.

For the festival’s 10th anniversary, Positivus Festival organisers welcome applications from artists and designers willing to showcase their work to a global audience.

“We’re currently getting ready for our sixth Positivus Festival market. Back in the day, it was a great opportunity to announce our then-unknown brand to the thousands of visitors. Taking part in the festival’s market helped us achieve wider recognition and provided a good push to starting our own business. And each year we would discover the Positivus feeling anew – the music, the people, work, leisure, chatter, vending… They’re definitely three of the most interesting days of the year,” says designer Mārtiņš Blanks of BlankBlank.

“Positivus market is very different from general design markets because you are going to see a lot of really modern and fun approach plus get a chance to interact with actual designers who sell their creations. What’s most awesome is that a lot of visitors are starting to wear market goods on the spot and it turns into a special Positivus fashion,” says Helene Vetik, Estonian designer and fashion blogger at

“Positivus festival is the best market we have participated. It has become a tradition for us and most anticipated event of the year. It has always been great fun with friends and new friends, great music and good vibes. We have made lots of new contacts from around the world there. And a lot of people already come to Positivus looking for us. It is a great event and a great place most definitely for young artists and designers from Latvia and other countries.” – says Anna Maria Võsu of Estonian fashion brand Heavy Mental.

“Positivus is the right name for this festival – did not see any angry birds there, all people were friendly. The festival vibe is carefree and really fun. Felt almost like travelling back to Woodstock times or something… Festival market is the place to be if you are interested in the Baltic market. All the good people are there and you can promote your thing in a very relaxed atmosphere without even actually advertising anything directly – just go with the flow and this is it! People dressed up in TUUB right away and thus made nice promotion, creating lots of good emotions around our hippy tent. For us Positivus was the best example how work and fun can be one!” – says Estonian designer Kadri Vahe, TUUB.

Each year Positivus Festival receives countless vendor applications, always selecting only the most original applications, as well as those that best match the festival’s vibe. For the 10th anniversary, the organizers welcome applications from creators of original design and fashion. Send your applications to