Thursday 11 May 2017


Yet another year we have teamed up with Baltic Taxi to provide reliable taxi transfers between the Festival venue in Salacgriva and one chosen address in Riga, and back.

Taxi voucher for a one way journey costs 80 euros and can be used for up to 4 persons in one car. To book a ride call Baltic Taxi (phone number 20008500) and it will pick you up at one chosen address in Riga to bring you straight to the festival grounds in Salacgriva. 

This year you can also buy a voucher for a shared ride. Shared ride taxi voucher costs 20 euros and allows you to save money by sharing the costs of a taxi ride with 3 other people. Pre-book your shared taxi ride by calling Baltic Taxi (phone number 20008500) and registering your shared ride voucher code. The Baltic Taxi operator will call you back once your ride is booked. You cannot use the shared ride voucher for a solo taxi ride.

The vouchers cannot be reimbursed. Unused vouchers will not be compensated.