Monday 20 June 2016

Come to Positivus with empty stomach – delicious and healthy meals for every taste are waiting for you!

Just like every year, you don’t have to worry about eating at Positivus as we’ll make sure there is enough for everyone. There will be more than twenty food sellers that offer various options in four different food zones – in the big Positivus food area called Food Court, healthy food oasis Fresh Garden, dining area at the Camping Site and Trailer park.

The choice at the festival will be diverse – starting from well-known Latvian restaurants, to Lithuanian and Estonian merchants. There is something to everyone, starting from burgers, pizzas and grilled food to healthy salads, smoothies and vegan food.

At the Food Court it will be possible to taste more traditional restaurant offer and get some treats from Latvian countryside. Fresh Garden dining area will appeal to vegetarians, vegans and raw food lovers, as well as to those who want to make sure that healthy can also be tasty. Trailer park will make happy those who are looking for gastronomical adventures, but at the Camping Site hearty breakfasts and dinners will be available. The coffee lovers will be able to get latte and cappuccino made by professional baristas.

Find more detailed information about the food options on Positivus application and vote for your favorite one!