Thursday 16 May 2019


Relaxation at Positivus Festival has never been this cozy and comfortable! The Daydreamers VIP tents will ensure luxurious comfort class overnight stay within the festival’s camping site. It will ensure excellent respite after each music-filled day for two, four or even six people together. Also, transportation vehicle tickets are now available for advanced purchasing, including parking spaces for cars, campers, and motorcycles.

The Daydreamers VIP camping village will be located within the Positivus festival camping site. Each tent will ensure a comfortable stay for 2, 4 or 6 people. Each tent will be equipped with mattresses and bed linen. The tent material is especially durable against various weather changes, including heavy rain.

The Daydreamers VIP tent tenants will abide by the tent user agreement by signing a contract and committing to using the tent and its equipment with care, as well as to cover any damage cost. The person signing the contract will have to be at least 18 years old.

Car, motorcycle, camper van or bike – a wide range of ways to get to Salacgrīva for ongoing festival Positivus. To be able to enjoy festival atmosphere without much worries about parking, Positivus festival organizers offers this year offers a number of great that make life easier for a large part of the festival visitors.

If you will go to the festival by your car a single entry ticket for parking will cost 6 euros. Conversely, if you plan to enter the parking multiple times, you can buy a parking subscription and the price will be 10 euros.

Special conditions are for those who have decided to go to the festival with camper. Leaving campers in usual parking spaces single entrance will cost 15 euros. Campers will be provided with a special area only for campers. When purchasing parking place, the set will come together with four tent town bracelets. Camper place without electricity will cost 30 euros, with electricity – 60 euros. Camper park will be located in an enclosed area where only people who can get in will be the camper residents.

If you choose to come to the festival by motorcycle the price of entry to the ordinary parking space will be only 5 euros per time entry. Parking motorcycle subscription will cost 10 euros.