Monday 15 May 2017


Each year electronic dance music is a significant part of Positivus Festival’s versatile line-up with prominent DJs from around the world delivering unforgettable sets throughout the night. Electric Room will be this year’s electronic music stage, and the first confirmed DJs are araabMUZIK and Kingdom from the United States, Belgian analogue house master Aeroplane, the expressive Italian DJ project Crookers, promising Latvian dance music DJ Makree, as well as DJ duo DJ Aspirins vs Toms Grēviņš. Bronx’s ultimate hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash will also deliver a most memorable performance.

This summer we’ll witness a true legend in action – the US hip-hop maverick Grandmaster Flash, who is rightfully considered one of the pioneers of hip-hop DJing, cutting and mixing – he has develop techniques that are still considered the standard in DJing today. New York knows him as the Number 1 hip-hop virtuoso, a talent which only ripens with age.

Each DJ set of araabMUZIK is like a uniquely filigree work of art. The American record producer and DJ uses the legendary Music Production Center (MPC) and utilises its possibilities to the max, continuously proving himself to be one of the most influential electronic music trendsetters.

The LA based DJ and producer Kingdom has masterfully produced countless music records and after several successful singles has finally released his debut album to much critical acclaim.

A producer and DJ of Belgian descent, Aeroplane stands out with his unique analogue house sounds. New Musical Express (NME) honoured Aeroplane as a global dance music master, naming him as one of The 20 Most Groundbreaking Dance Acts In The World.

Italian DJ project Crookers is a true electronic scene royalty, with earth shattering performances and unbelievably progressive records, as well as countless remixes of artists like Chemical Bros, Kid Cudi and others.

Last but not least, the Latvian DJ and producer Makree has already achieved commendable local and international success, including the 14th spot on the UK’s club music chart, a collaboration with renowned vocalist MAX C and several produced songs for Latvian music stars including Aminata and Linda Leen. Electric Room will also feature a Latvian DJ duo DJ Aspirins vs Toms Grēviņš.