Tuesday 11 February 2020


Versatile, mysterious and outstanding in every music genre who he represents – on Saturday, July 18th British producer, pianist and singer James Blake will perform at Positivus festival. Some might say he is recognized as a very successful producer. Some might say they know the artist because of electronic dance music scene. Some might have heard his and Beyoncé song “Forward” or his and Kendrick Lamar song “King’s Dead”. Others will sustain that he has the most exciting falsetto. He has managed to create not a single persona for James Blake: he has gone way beyond his own limits.

James Blake has made frequent and significant contributions to the music industry – he has won “Grammy” for his song together with Kendrick Lamar. His newest album “Assume Form” was nominated for “Grammy” for “Best Alternative Record”. In 2013 his album “Overgrown” was awarded with the “Mercury Prize”. Not only has James Blake made a major appearance as a solo artist, he has also collaborated with already mentioned artists Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé and also stars like Jay-Z, Vince Staples, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, André 3000 and many more.

It is already known that Friday’s headliner at Positivus festival will be one of today’s leading hip hop artists in the world A$AP Rocky. There is also already known, that on Saturday an Icelandic indie folk pop band Of Monsters And Men will perform on the main stage as well. We are expecting to announce a number of artists for this summer’s festival before the end of February.

For the 14th time Positivus festival will be held in beautiful coastal venue in Salacgriva on July 17th & 18th and it is expected that thanks to this year’s impressive artist line-up it will become one of the most visited festivals in its history. Tickets available for purchase at www.positivusfestival.com