Monday 25 June 2018


Just like every year, apart from a wide musical line-up Positivus Festival offers a real gourmet film program for some slow and relaxing enjoyment in-between the concerts. LG Electronics Cinema tent will have the newest movies made in Latvia  – movies dedicated to Latvia’s Centenary, touching documentaries, spectacular short films, Cannes classics and a wide range of indie movies. It promises to be a real treat both for cinephiles and music lovers alike.
A special highlight in the cinema program will be on three Latvian Centenary movies already loved by public. On Friday a touching portrait of five first-year pupils – a movie by Ivars Seleckis “To be continued” (“Turpinājums”); on Saturday an adventure film – Madara Dešlere’s  debut movie “Paradise 89” (“Paradīze 89”), but on Sunday a documentary drama by Lauris Ābele and Raitis Ābele “Last pegans of Europe” (“Baltu ciltis”), which will be followed by a discussion together with the energetic directors of the movie. There will be a chance to question the movie makers and learn about ancestral style Spa rituals, as well as get to know what has been left out of the movie screen.

Admired by the Cannes viewers and loved in Latvia for a long time –  in the cinema tent there will be another chance to see the restored movie by Rolands Kalniņš “Four White Shirts”. This is the first Latvian movie ever to be shown in Cannes Festival program “Classics of Cannes” next to works by Ingmar Bergman, Lars Von Trier and Spike Lee

While the adventure seeker Kārlis Bardelis is crossing Pacific Ocean with a boat, in the documentary “Touched by the Ocean” (“Okeāna saviļņotie”) Bored Of Borders rowing-boat notes will be available. The movie “Wonderful Losers. A Different World” (“Brīnišķīgie lūzeri. Cita pasaule”) will discover unknown dimensions of the professional cycling sport. The portrait of scenographer Andris Freibergs will be available in the fine documental story by Krista Burāne “The Fairytale of Empty Space” (“Pasaka par tukšo telpu”).

The lovers of indie movies will find some nice treats in different genres. Four stories on how human’s life can be influenced by a dog in the comedy “Wiener Dog”, a clash between personal desires, solidarity and tolerance in a Danish commune in the 1970s in a movie “The Commune”; insane, at moments crude, but sincere and adventurous comedy “The Young Offenders”; a violent lesson for married men not make fun of their mistresses in “Revenge” and honest reflections about life of a thirty years old in the picturesque and minimalist movie “Out of Nature”.

Also there will be a chance to see the comedy show “Comedy Roast with Renārs Zeltiņš”  as well a possibility to see how the Comedy Latvia is “roasting” Positivus festival guests  right on the spot.

The Swedish Embassy offers two programs of short movies with captivating documentary stories, musical experiments, relationship dramas and comic animations. The festival 2 Annas has created a a short film program for children and a selection of the latest Baltic short films.