Monday 3 April 2023


The world’s biggest hip-hop hit producer, author and DJ Metro Boomin will perform at the Positivus festival on Friday, July 14th with a grand show. Metro Boomin’s latest album “Heros & Villains” is filled with the most popular songs in the world and ranks as one of the most popular songs in the Baltics as well. The festival program also ads hip-hop duo EARTHGANG and local hip-hop star Gustavo. Festival tickets are available at and

Metro Boomin who has created his unique “dark” sound character, is the author and producer of many superstar hits and also performs on stage himself, and releases his music with the participation of impressive vocalists. The Weeknd, 21 Savage, Future, Drake, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, and Wiz Khalif are just a small part of the list of stars whose records he produces and also are featured on Metro Boomin’s albums.

Some of the world’s most powerful artists are coming from Atlanta, as exceptional and unique as anywhere else. Among them, Childish Gambino, Migos, OutKast, Ciara, Usher, etc., and now the EARTHGANG duo adds to this story. As described by the artists themselves, as a result of the synergy, they manage to create music that they consider to be the best possible art, focusing on the direct display of emotions and feelings in music and inviting them not to look for any deeper meaning in the songs they create, but to enjoy them at the level of feelings. EARTHGANG will perform at the Positivus festival on Friday, July 14th.

The visitors of Positivus will definitely remember the unforgettable 2011 performance with Gustavo, and we can certainly expect an equally great show this summer on the big stage of the festival on July 15th. Gustavo is one of the founders and main hip-hop artists of Latvian hip-hop, who started making music in 1995 and at the beginning of his career was active in the association “Fact”. Gustavo has released several studio albums and collaborated with well-known Latvian and foreign musicians. Recently, music streaming and Gustavo’s latest and long-awaited album “Tagad tikai sākās” has also arrived on download platforms, about which Gustavo says: “It will remain in my memory as creatively one of the most intense, dense and dynamic phases of my life”. 

Positivus festival 2023 line-up so far: Sam Smith, Metro Boomin, J.I.D, EARTHGANG, Little Big, Gustavo, Emotional Oranges. Many more artists will be added soon. 

Tickets are available at and