Thursday 11 April 2024


Celebrating the remaining 100 days until the festival, Positivus Festival announces another addition to the lineup, which, as always, surprises. For British hip-hop fans, the festival offers the rapidly rising British rapper NEMZZZ, who already has no shortage of fans in Latvia, and the even faster-growing local rapper Wiesulis. Meanwhile, fans of melodic music will be able to enjoy lyrical pop music, modern rock, as well as hear indie music features from Lithuanian pop star Daddy Was a Milkman, the almost sensational Australian duo Royel Otis, and the local modern rock band Satellites LV.

Quickly and powerfully launching their musical career with world-famous compositions like “Elevate” and “2MS,” British rapper NEMZZZ has been steadily in the spotlight of hip-hop music enthusiasts and connoisseurs since 2021. The dynamic, diverse beats inspired by Jamaican rhythms accentuate the artist’s characteristic lyrics, adding variety to his music style.

This summer’s hottest local rapper, Wiesulis, who convincingly and almost entirely, with his latest album “en prise” songs, dominates Latvia’s most streamed local musicians’ singles chart, will undoubtedly ensure an even larger and more outstanding show than last year’s festival!

Sold-out concert tours in Europe, more than 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify – Royel Otis confidently applies to become the festival’s biggest hidden gem of the summer. The increasingly world-famous duo from Australia will be like a breath of fresh air for those music enthusiasts drawn to the guitar riffs characteristic of indie music and rhythmically engaging drumming.

Musically high-quality Daddy Was a Milkman from Lithuania will deliver a delightful, atmospheric, music-saturated concert. His melodic voice and electronically supplemented musical accompaniment will allow festivalgoers to peacefully retreat from the festival’s hustle and bustle.

The modern rock band Satellites LV, with new songs and a new lineup after a long hiatus, returns to the Positivus stage. Starting their participation in the festival from the very first Positivus in 2007, Satellites LV delighted their music fans with concerts for several years and still can boast that they have performed the most times on various stages of the Positivus festival.