Thursday 7 June 2018


Arts and Nature stage – one of the most scenic Positivus stages, set in the dunes among the pine trees – will host a variety of artists this year, from exquisite Latvian solo artists and various musical performances, to best improvisation theatre, comedy and stand-up acts.
Arturs Skutelis is one of the most renowned Latvian rap artists. His never-ending search for new forms of expression has shaped a very distinctive creative pattern, interwoven by a symbiosis of golden-age and new school hip-hop, influences from avant-garde and jazz, as well as references to Joseph Brodsky, Kurt Vonnegut and other authors’ works.

Jersika Records hour at Dabas skatuve will offer a possibility to hear brand new music from some of the best jazz and improvised music artists from Latvia – both, the ones that have already released their music with the label and the ones still working on the albums.

The internet magazine Satori invites all the blessed and cheerful festival-goers to take a peek into the darkest corners of literary lives. Four authors from the youngest and the more seasoned generation will read works they’ve written over the summer. Satori editor-in-chief Ilmārs Šlāpins will be present to encourage them.

This summer we are looking forward to hear also Latvian band Martas Asinis. Groovy drums, catchy guitars and cynical lyrics. Imagine the reminiscing sound of 80s pop music with a modern twist, dreamy vocals over the sound of synthesizers blasting through your stereo as you drive into the night. If done correctly, you have now visualized what indie synth-pop band Kasetes sounds like. Čipsis and Dullais are returning to Positivus festival after 9 years with new wave. Spāre will play and sing latvian psychedelic rock based on pre-composed songs, melodic lines or poems.

There will also be appearances by The Bad Tones a psychedelic rock quartet from Latvia. Duo Jacques an officially unprofessional duet of disco jockeys with filmmaker Žanete Skarule and producer Linda Pēterkopa. They will offer the best from new electronic dance waves with few interventions from disco classics and sudden bursts of 90’s post-rock. Podruga is a dark electropop project of Alise Stefanoviča formed at the end of 2016 and her sound is influenced by club culture and nostalgia. Very special live concert will perform Himnas. Mionia will compose and perform songs for piano and voice by herself, while being inspired by her inner world. Pachamama Beats will create audiovisual event. Dj Kaspar Kondrat together with Trashy Kid will unite various musical styles, giving the listener eclectic and surprisingly full journey.

Reinis Jaunais will share his exceptional guitar skills and original songs using different kinds of guitar playing techniques, including tapping, percussive, and finger-picking. Rihards Libietis Orchestra will play instrumental, dynamic world music. Imagine fairy tale alike voice emerging from a forest of synthesised sound, leading you towards the truth you have forgotten at an early age but always suspected it to be there. The range of Evija’s Vēberes musical spectrum varies from light and playful melodies to wild, mischievous, existential and schizophrenic depth of sound. Sūdi will be the closing resident of the annual stage program.

As usual, the Arts and Nature stage will also host performances by various improvisation theatre acts, including Comedy Latvia and Comedy Estonia, Kikit together with Prieka Ministrija as well as ArtiŠok Improvisation theatre.