Thursday 20 April 2017


Atmospheric vibes, electronic rhythms and an intellectual sound to captivate any listener – this year’s Positivus festival will deliver with two unique artists – the androgynously mysterious jazz duet Rhye, as well as the beloved global sound master Raimonds Tiguls, who’s returning to the stage with his renowned debut album Moonlight Sound Design after a near twenty year hiatus.

When in 2000 the young and ambitious musician Raimonds Tiguls released his ambient electronic album Moonlight Sound Design, the record caused quite a commotion amongst both Latvian and European electronic scenes. Shortly thereafter, the unique, finely-tuned and atmospheric record was picked up by a German publisher ZYX who released the record for wider audiences in both CD and Vinyl formats. Instead of simply imitating global trends, Tiguls forged his own sound, thus creating one of the founding records in the history of Latvian electronic music. After a several year hiatus he will once again delight audiences with his formidable legacy at this summer’s Positivus festival, on the Palladium stage.

The second programme newcomer is the duet Rhye, who initially preferred to be shrouded in mystery, releasing several androgynously multi-layered singles anonymously. It’s now common knowledge that their celebrated debut studio album Woman (2013) was created by Canadian vocalist and producer Michael Milosh and Danish producer Robin Hannibal, who are still collaborating in making intellectually embellished music in the best traditions of soft jazz and R&B. Mesmerising vocals and passionately faint instruments ahead of their time, Rhye deliver sensational feelings of catharsis and blissful oblivion. The duo will perform on Positivus festival’s Nordea stage, mesmerising listeners with their trademark romantically ethereal melodies.