Monday 12 June 2017


Genuine cinema enthusiasts who’ve enjoyed Positivus Festival’s film repertoire in the past will also appreciate this year’s Shortcut cinema programme, which will feature several musical films, unforgettable soundtracks, captivating musicals and musician based movies. The programme will place special emphasis on Latvian and student short films, as well as an animation film programme for the youngest festival visitors.

One of the brightest gems of the festival’s musical film collection will be the awarded musical La La Land, which will be accompanied by other prominent movies with equally impressive soundtracks. Among them will be Jim Jarmusch’s intellectual vampire saga Only Lovers Left Alive (2013), a wild tale of ambition and love for music that is Whiplash (2014), Latvian movie classics like Elpojiet dziļi! or Četri balti krekli (1967), a unique documentary about the incredible adventures of Laibach in North Korea titled Liberation Day (2016) and many other films centring around music.

The Shortcut cinema programme will also feature several comedies, including the Estonian made adventure comedy about an illegal smuggling operation in the Soviet era Sangarid (2017) a.k.a the fast Estonian guys and a Latvian attempt at uncovering the nation’s sexuality, titled Svingeri (2016), meaning swingers. After its Sunday screening, devoted Latvian film aficionados won’t want to miss the film’s discussion, moderated by renowned stand-up comedian Jānis Skutelis and joined by the film’s creators, director Andrejs Ēķis as well as leading actors. Shortcut cinema visitors will also have a chance to revisit beloved classics such as The Darjeeling Limited (2007), the surreal dark comedy Spring Breakers (2013) as well as other both humorous and thought-provoking films.

The format of short films is extremely well suited for Positivus Festival. This summer’s animation short film programme will feature new and revered doll animation films from Animācijas Brigāde studios for young and older spectators. Various stories of Latvian people will be presented in a documental short film series titled Latvijas kods (Latvian code), whereas the new generation of Baltic film artists and their works will be introduced in the Short Riga Baltic student films programme. Latvian animation gems will be part of a special selection, featuring works of the greatest Latvian animation masters of all generations.