Thursday 19 July 2018


Positivus festival will open its gates to visitors from across the lands tomorrow, on July 20th. Meanwhile, all camping site visitors are already welcome to start settling in today, starting from 5 PM. The festival’s three-day tickets can still be exchanged for wristbands at the Palladium concert hall in Riga today and tomorrow.

Positivus Camping site, which hosts thousands of visitors each year, will already be open today, from 5 PM, along with the festival’s official car parking site. The CHECK-IN point at the Camping site’s entry will be operating non-stop until 1 AM on Monday. For ultimate rest and a safe journey home, Camping site visitors will be able to remain on site until 4 PM on Monday, July 23.

Positivus festival territory will open starting tomorrow, July 20 at 12:00, along with the central CHECK-IN point at the festival’s main entrance in Salacgrīva. To avoid cueing at the entry point, the festival’s three-day tickets can still be exchanged for festival wristbands at Riga’s CHECK-IN point – the Palladium concert hall, located on Marijas iela 21 (entry from Pērses iela). The point will be open from 1 PM – 8 PM today and from 1PM – 6 PM tomorrow.

Ticket holders must exchange their tickets for wristbands personally, since the bands will be fastened around each person’s wrist. This can be done at any of the CHECK-IN points. And although tickets are fairly easy to copy and duplicate, each ticket’s unique barcode can only be scanned once. To avoid the possibility of having a void ticket, we urge everyone to be wary of scammers and refrain from purchasing tickets outside the official channel.

Festival ticket types and hours:

One-day ticket holders must note that Friday tickets are valid starting from the territory opening  time until 5 AM on Saturday morning. Saturday tickets are good from 8 AM on Saturday morning until 5 AM on Sunday. Sunday tickets – from 8 AM on Sunday up until the festival end. Two-day ticket holders need to know that Friday and Saturday tickets are valid from the festival’s opening until 5 AM on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday tickets will be useable from 8 AM on Saturday morning, right until the festival’s end.

Discounted Youth tickets are available for youths, who are 11 – 16 years old (including) when receiving their wristbands. The discount is only applicable if the accompanying adult holds the same type of ticket, and the discount is applicable only for three-day or three-day + camping tickets. (For example, if the adult has a three-day ticket, the youth must also hold a three-day ticket to be eligible for the discount). One adult can purchase several youth tickets. The accompanying adult will need to be present for the youths to receive their wristbands, providing a valid ID. To ascertain their age, the youths will also need to display an ID.

Camping site ticket rules:

The Camping site ticket is only valid together with a valid festival entry ticket. A one-day ticket grants access into the Camping site for as long as the festival ticket is valid. (For example, Saturday’s Camping site visitors will be able to spend the night at the site until Sunday morning, etc.) Two-day ticket holders with a Camping site ticket will also be able to spend the night at the Camping site after the concerts. (For example, Friday and Saturday ticket holders can stay at the Camping site after Friday’s and Saturday’s performances).

Each Daydreamers VIP camping resident is also required to purchase a Camping site ticket. Camper parking space includes 4 Camping site entry tickets. If more than 4 people stay in the camper van, they will need to purchase extra Camping site passes. The Camping site will feature storage units, mobile phone charging stations to be used with personal chargers and little bit outside of camping site also paid showers.

Official parking is also open:

This year, the festival car park entry will be located in a new area. All drivers are requested to pay close attention to parking signs upon entering the town of Salacgrīva and set their navigation to the new official parking address – Zaļā iela 19. Those arriving from Riga will need to take the first street to the right after passing “Circle K” gas station, afterward taking an immediate left, onto Zaļā iela.

The official festival parking site entry costs €8, and is due for each entry, regardless of parking duration. Those who foresee multiple entries are advised to purchase a parking site subscription at the price of €20.

It is permitted to stay in a car overnight, but it is forbidden to build tents or gazebos, use grills, other equipment, as well as make fires. Parking the campers in the car park costs €20 per entry. Campers can also be parked within the special camper area – the Trailer park, which will be located is a secluded territory across the Camping site, with exclusive access for Camper inhabitants. Camper spaces with electricity will cost €70 and €40 without.

Motorcycle travellers will be charged €5 for each parking site entry, or can choose a €15 parking subscription for all 3 festival days. All Positivus festival rules and regulations can be found at

Download the entire festival programme on the festival homepage or access it via the Positivus’18 application, available for free on App Store and Google Play.