Monday 26 March 2018


Each summer Positivus Festival offers its visitors not only a versatile music and arts programme, but also a chance to enjoy delicious food, often named one of the best among similar big scale events. This year there will be several catering zones, and Food traders are now welcome to apply to trade at Positivus Festival to touch the hearts and stomachs of our hungry festival goers till May 8.

For a wide range foodie experience Positivus Festival will feature several catering areas. There will be one bigger Food Court, where everyone can enjoy diverse and delicious food, that will bet set in the festival territory. This year Fresh Garden – a quiet oasis for all things fresh and healthy, catering to the needs of vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists alike will be located in different areas. Delicious and mouth watering food will also be sold from food trailers and food vans scattered throughout the festival site this year. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available in the Camping site Food Court as well.

The Positivus Festival team is always looking for ways to improve catering quality and assortment, so each catering application will be carefully assessed regardless of submission order. We look for creative and aesthetically pleasing food stalls which fit in with the ethics of the festival. We are keen for the festival Food stalls to be full of good quality food and products at a fair price. Every applicant should include in their offer at least one dish valued at no more 4 Euros. All applications must be send to till  May 8. To apply, go to Positivus Festival website: