Thursday 3 March 2016


Positivus Festival’s catering application is now open. The festival organisers will once again offer visitors four catering areas – the main food court, camping site food court, Fresh Garden and Trailer Park. Baltic’s biggest music event will be taking place from July 15th – 17th in Salacgrīva, for the tenth anniversary year.


The Festival team is always looking for ways to improve catering quality and assortment; this year Positivus aims to introduce healthy global and local taste trends – biologic produce, locally grown food, raw foods, etc., right alongside beloved festival goodies.

For wide range foodie experience, Festival will feature four catering areas –  the US trailer park and the cosy vegetarian and slow food enthusiast harbour. Catering will also be provided at the traditional areas at the main food court and the camping site food court.

Catering applications will be accepted until March 31st. The Positivus Festival team will carefully assess each catering application regardless of submission order. A notable application will contain detailed and comprehensive information on the specific products, as well as visual aids – photos, pictures, etc. Ideally, the aesthetics and visual aspects of the catering stall will match the overall Festival mood.


Application submission – please send filled application form:

Information about costs, areas, locations and menu conditions.


Application form.