Friday 29 April 2016


How would you like to spend the tenth anniversary of Positivus in an exceptionally comfortable setting, and create that special celebratory feeling? This year, for the first time, Positivus is offering festival-goers the chance to rent an exclusive VIP house in the camping grounds for the duration of the festival. Get a good night’s sleep in a real bed, while not missing out on any of the fun! For those who don’t feel like lugging their tent along to the festival, rental tents will be available. In addition, this year the festival provides a much larger and comfortable area for campers.

For the very first time, it will be possible to rent special houses that can host up to four guests. The houses will have access to electricity and mattresses for up to 4 people; they will be safe from burglars, getting wet and floods – in case of heavy rainfall, the walls, roof and high floors will ensure that personal belongings and beds remain dry. Each resident of the house has to additionally purchase an entry ticket to the camping site.

For several years now, a tent rental service has been provided at the Positivus festival by tourist goods shop Gandrs. Visitors who don’t want to carry and build their own tents can arrange for a pre-built tent for two waiting for them on arrival at the tent city. To use this service, guests are required to purchase an entry ticket to the camping site in addition to the tent rental fee.

To ensure camper guests feel comfortable, the area for the “houses on wheels” will be considerably expanded and will be located opposite the entrance to the tent city. The campers’ zone will have its own toilets and will be separated from the festival guests’ parking lot. In case the residents of the camper area want to enter the tent city to use the services available there, they will have to additionally purchase entry tickets to the tent city.

However, if festival guests choose to bring their own tents to enjoy the festival in its true spirit, it will of course still be possible to build their own tents, so long as they purchase tickets to the tent city.

This year, in cooperation with JSYK, a special shop in the tent city will operate, where it will be possible to buy air mattresses, sleeping bags and other useful things to improve your tent and make the festival feel like your second home.


The gates of the Positivus festival tent city will be opened from Thursday, July 14th 17.00 until Monday, July 18th 16.00. For convenience of festival guests, there will be a storage room and the possibility to charge mobile phones there. Showers with separate cabins will be available in the tent city. To make sure visitors are eating well, there will be a wide choice of caterers in the camping site – no need to take sandwiches with you, freshly cooked breakfast or lunch will be served on the spot.

The entry ticket to the camping site is valid only together with the festival ticket. If you have a one-day ticket, you can only spend that day and the following night at the camping site.
Entrance to the tent city costs 10€. Camper’s place without electricity – 40€; camper’s place with electricity – 70€. Gandrs Rent-a-Tent service (1-2 persons) – 65€ + entrance to the tent city for each resident of the tent. Rent of VIP house (1-4 persons) – 300€ + entrance to the tent city for each resident of the house.

All tickets available only at