Wednesday 13 July 2022


Already in 2 days, on July 15th and 16th, Positivus festival will bring together thousands of people to experience amazing world-class stars of the music world and their breathtaking concerts at a new location in Riga, Lucavsala. In order to make this new experience the best possible, the organizers of the festival together with the Police and Riga City Council are introducing recommendations for the festival attendees and the main rules of the festival. All the festival rules are published on the homepage

This year Positivus festival will take place in the D sector of Lucavsala and the most convenient way to get to the festival location is:

By public transportation:

-In a 5 min walking distance from the festival is located bus stop “Lucavsala” where 4th and 19th trolleybus stops;

-In a 15 min walking distance from the festival is located bus stop “Mukusalas rotacijas aplis” where the 4th trolleybus, 19th trolleybus, and 10th bus stops;

-In a 25 min walking distance from the festival is located the tram stop “Elijas iela” where the 7th tram stops.

-In a 25 min walking distance from the festival is located the tram stop “Viesites iela” where the 10th tram stops.

-In a 30 min walking distance from the festival is located the bus stop “Laivu iela” where the 10th bus, 26th bus and 27th trolley stops.

By using personal bicycles. It will be possible to securely leave the bicycles in the “Neste Mobility point” that is located beside the Positivus festival area.

By walking on foot, it’s really near the Riga city center.

By using sharable electric scooters. Please be aware that it will be allowed to park them only in the “Neste Mobility point”. Parking of electric scooters in places where it could disturb other festival attendees  (e.g. in the middle of the street or in the middle of the walking paths, etc.) will be strictly monitored by the Police.


Traffic restrictions, during the festival, will be limited to a minimum — they will affect only getting in the Lucavsala area. 

Special parking for the festival visitors WILL NOT BE PROVIDED!

Access to the festival area by car will be prohibited.

The possibility to stop a car near Lucavsala even if just for dropping off passengers will be strictly controlled by the Police in order to not disturb the traffic around Lucavsala. 

Customers of “K-Senukai” will be allowed to access the store’s parking lot and the possibility to leave the car in their parking lot will be limited to no longer than 1 hour. 


After 22:00 it is forbidden for people younger th​​an 16 years (including) to be in the festival area without the presence of an adult. 

The visitors may be subjected to the search and checks of the person, personal belongings and documents.

The Organizer has the right not to admit to the territory or expel from the territory visitors whose behavior may interfere with the happening of the festival or threaten the safety of other visitors.

It is prohibited to swim in the swimming site “Lucavsalas līcis” during the festival.

It is prohibited to carry into the Festival’s territory:

-professional photo equipment (i.e. with changeable lenses) and video equipment without accreditation in accordance with the Festival’s rules;

-any kinds of umbrellas;


-food products, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks;

-large-dimension items;

-other items that may threaten the convenience or safety of other visitors (e.g. weapons, explosives, knives, gas sprays, glass items, etc.).


Although the camping site at this year’s festival will be limited and its capacity will not exceed the number of 2000 visitors, several rules must be followed in order to make the stay at the camping site safe for all the visitors.


After 22:00 it is forbidden for people younger than 16 years (including) to be in the camping site without the presence of an adult. 

In the territory of the camping site, it is prohibited to:

-use open fire (including candles, grills, oil lamps, torches, etc.);

-bring in alcoholic beverages;

-use narcotic substances;

-use Bluetooth speakers and other sound-amplifying devices from 2:00 to 9:00;

-carry in pets;

-with one’s behavior, threaten the safety of other visitors;

-carry in any means of transport;

-damage the property of other visitors.


To avoid crowding in the festival area it is possible to exchange 2-day Positivus’22 tickets for a wristband at the “Galerija Centrs” 3rd floor (Audeju street 16) from 13th to 15th of July. 1-day ticket holders can exchange their tickets for wristbands only at the festival entrance on Lucavsala.

All the tickets purchased for the Positivus’20 are also valid for Positivus’22 and there is no need to exchange the tickets.

Before arriving at the festival location please check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. If hot weather is expected, bring a hat and drink enough fluids to protect yourself from dehydration. If rain is expected, bring raincoats. We remind you that it is forbidden to bring umbrellas into the festival territory.

Due to the powerful sound and crowd, the festival organizers recommend not to bring small children to the festival. If the festival attendee has come to the festival with a small child, we suggest putting it in his pocket or giving him a note with his data-name, surname and the phone number of his parents.

After 22:00 it is forbidden for people younger than 16 years (including) to be in the camping site without the presence of an adult.

This year, thinking about the environment and nature, it is allowed to come to the festival territory with reusable, empty, unbreakable water bottles and empty, transparent coffee cups, in which one can fill in the drinking water that will be available at the Riga Water Point, thus reducing the waste caused by drinking water packaging.

The Organizers invite festival attendees to familiarize themselves with the festival program in the official Positivus’22 mobile app, which is available for free in the Google Play and App Store stores and plan the festival program before arriving at the festival location.

Although in most areas of the festival it is possible to pay for food, drinks, souvenirs, etc. by card, the Organizers recommend bringing cash as well just in case.