Thursday 2 June 2016


Seven exciting and promising acts, courtesy of Tallinn Music Week, and a few notable names from Latvia, Lithuania and Russia have beed added to the Palladium stage line-up, making it complete and final. Other previously announced acts that will perform on this stage include Liima, Cigarettes After Sex, 20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros present AllttA, Satellites LV, Skyforger, Postaal and many more.

The punchy Nordic electro pop group I Wear* Experiment has had some notable success in Estonia and internationally. Music publications like Louder Than War, The Line of Best Fit and MTV Iggy have praised them; they had a successful entry at this year’s Estonian Eurovision Song contest; British pop band Hurts chose I Wear* Experiment from nearly fifty artists to play as the warm up act of their Baltic tour.

In April 2016, I Wear* Experiment released their debut album Patience and received the Tallinn Music Week industry award for artist with the biggest breakthrough potential. Songs from “Patience” have received airplay at the renowned US radio station KCRW.

“I Wear* Experiment exude great confidence and energy with a sophisticated electronica that proves they have what it takes to be globally successful. Truly impressive.“ – Antony Pickthall, Baltic Sub
“Seductive, slick, and full of layers and polyrhythmic percussion that suggests Mew and M83 at their most bombastic, the Tallinn-based trio is already a stadium band.“ – Laura Studarus, MTV Iggy

Combining jazz, funk, pscychedelic disco and afrobeat, this crew released their début self-titled album in 2015. The vinyl-only release has become a collector’s gem worlwide, after selling out in half a year. However, being graced with the avant-garde spirit, Estrada Orchestra is foremostly a live band that meets countless inspirations thus providing a unique experience everytime they play.

Formed of vinyl diggers, street musicians and self-taught aficionados, Estrada Orchestra started out as a spontaneous jam band in 2013. Their only intention was to enjoy leisure time and keep an open mind but somewhat unwillingly they ended up pioneering the resurgence of underground jazz-funk in Estonia.

Two boys making music for the sheer love of it. A bunch from ruff neighbourghood, hiphop had a crucial impact on them – those whose rap wasn’t up to standard got beaten up. They describe their music as no-bullshit, macho/hetero hip-hop with loads of humor. In 2016 they are planning to release two albums and the rest is up the listeners. As you’ll hear at their show, these boys didn’t get beaten up after all.

Over-flowing energy, eclectic beats, sweet and soulful vocals, all bundled up in geeky cartoon characters – Kali Briis Band’s music is as an adventure full of soul, madness and laughter.

The crown jewel of Estonian funky indie pop started as a solo project of Kali Briis. After succesful years as a solo artist he decided to go back to the roots of making music and started creating and playing music with a band. Kali Briis Band album „Let’s Play Love“, written and arranged by five band members and very good friends was released earlier in May this year.

Raw street funk on one side, sweet soul on the other—Lexsoul Dancemachine is an Estonian band known for tearing venues apart with their stage presence. Active since 2013, the aim of the machine is to hypnotize feelgood music lovers with fundamental bass lines, syncopated rhythms and repetitive grooves. It’s the kind of music you can break dance to, although inbetween those hard-hitting sounds you’ll find some more tender melodies.

In December 2015, Lexsoul self-released their debut album, “Deus Lex Machina,” on vinyl, CD and digitally. During the year, the 6-man outfit from Tallinn performed at major festivals in Baltics, including Tallinn Music Week and Positivus Festival. In spring 2016 they were picked up by Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6 Music, who featured their track “Beef Grinder” on his radio show with 250000 listeners. International attention has followed since then with reviews on UK and US blogs.

„Frankie Animal’s punchy guitar pop plays like a slap to the head. If you’re not in the mood for a night out, the Tallinn-based quartet might even issue a real one. Slinky, seductive, and ready for anything, this is exactly the pick up you need before getting down” – MTV Iggy.

When the quirky rawness of the Strokes meets the delicacy of Feist and Jeff Buckley you get a certain something also known as Frankie Animal.

Ouu is a machine made purely out of water in liquid form. The machine that is Ouu makes the best food-music known to man in the whole neighbourhood. If the machine made of water starts to freeze, then the music stops playing. We also play tennis, football, basketball, hockey and psychedelic-rock type music.

Bandmaster is an electronic music band consisting of one of the most sought-after Latvian producers / DJs – Rudd, locally notorious battle rapper Viņa (She) and producer Andis Ansons. Until now Bandmaster have released three singles. The most recent “Us” gained airplay on KCRW in LA. Bandmaster appeared live for the first time at Positivus festival in 2015.

Singapūras Satīns blew up Latvian rap and mainstream music scene in December 2015 when they released their debut mixtape. Singapūras Satīns music is based on the latest trends in American and Russian rap music, however the sound they have created and the fearless lyrics about wild parties, careless approach to life and taboos are unique in Latvia.

Reiks, or Arvis Reiks in his real name, is a well-known performer in the Latvian hip hop scene and a member of the union “Kreisais Krasts”. Reiks earned public recognition by taking part in the comical project “Olas” which during two years’ time has won over the Internet. At the moment Reiks is working on his debut album and has released three singles that have already exceeded million views in Youtube.

Laika Suns are indie rock rebels with catchy melodies, powerful rhythms and epic sound amplitudes! The band released their debut mini-album Nakts Karalis in 2013, after that followed the album “Gaismas Lādiņš” in summer 2015. This year Laika Suns issued their first vinyl mini-plate “Viktors + Nora”.
The band has played in the biggest Latvian festivals and also have been part of events like Tallinn Music Week conference, Waves Vienna and Waves Bratislava festivals.

Daddy Was A Milkman – because the stage name combines soloists past and the present. “I’m a father of two, and yes, I really was a milkman.” He is looking for easy and troublesome sounds. Each piece is a short, real life story or a personal emotion. Topics cover all most relevant things: life, love, children, joy, fatigue, mood swings, dreams, hopes, frustrations and peace in every sense.

“I’m 35, father of two, have a day job, write my own songs and music (acoustic guitar). Lived in US for 7 years back in 2001-2008. There are two of us in the studio – my friend Vitas Vaiciulis is a music producer, he helps me with music programming. I met him a year ago and both agreed to see what happens if we make one proper record – that was BREATHE IN.”

Milk is the newest name on the Russian indie stage, which already rocks Moscow clubs with its style and drive. The band MILK was founded by former school mates Max Medalye and Fedor Shirokov in the summer of 2012. Since then they and the other members of the band have maintained their loyalty to britpop and British rock. Clear, catchy tunes, true joy, and inborn sense of style make up a promising and ambitious sextet raised on the best British classic rock, but pouring a drop of Russian mystique in every tune.