Wednesday 31 May 2017


Heart wrenching yet hopeful melodies and a feeling of total desolation with a glint of unreachable openness makes for most emotionally thrilling music.  The dream of four Tel Aviv youngsters has become reality – Bucharest is currently one of the most exciting alternative bands in the Israeli music scene, combining American and British punk music with Israeli rock sounds, creating a unique sound with psychedelia and dream pop influences that’s never quite been done before. Their second album Budapest (2017) was released just this year and yet to conquer global audiences, so that Positivus Festival visitors will have an unprecedented chance to witness these rising stars in their relative infancy.

This summer, Positivus Festival visitors will have a unique chance to witness a spectacular international duo in action – Rachel Claudio and Rick Feds. With a tasteful blend of electronic and ambient pop soul, Rachel Claudio is a Paris-based Australian artist, composer, singer and producer. Perhaps best known for her incredible interpretation of Outkast’s Hey Ya, which surpassed 2 million views, the musician builds lush, deep and moving tracks in real time, having written/recorded with King Britt, Steve McKie and opened for The Roots, Rhye and others. Rick Feds aka Rihards Fedotovs is the world champion of samplers and finger drumming, well rounded multi-instrumentalist, Fulbright scholar, TED speaker and social activist. Having come from a classical percussion background, Rick Feds is currently considered one of the best fingerdrummers in the world today, having drummed and performed with artists like Marcus Miller, Betty Wright, Cuba Gooding Sr., John Swana and many others.