Tuesday 3 May 2016


Don’t leave preparation for the last moment and plan your transportation to the Positivus festival well in advance! As usually, the already well known Positivus Express will be running, also there will be a special offer from Baltic Taxi. Those who arrive in their own car will appreciate the novelty of having a parking pass for multiple entry and exit. In addition, both parking tickets and passes will be available in advance for a better price.

One of the most convenient and economic ways to travel to the festival every year is the Positivus Express – it is a shuttle bus that runs from Riga center to the festival territory in Salacgrīva.

Shuttle bus schedule from the stop next to the shopping mall Olimpia, Āzenes street 5, Riga:
• Thursday, July 14th at 14:30, 18:30
• Friday, July 15th, at 9:00, 13:00, 18:00

Shuttle bus schedule from Salacgrīva to Riga from the stop next to the festival site:
• Monday, July 18th at 01:00, 09:30, 14:30

In order to ensure the quickest and most convenient journey, Positivus Express won’t make any stops on its way to the festival. We kindly ask to purchase tickets timely at the festival’s homepage since the number of tickets is limited. Price – Euro 6,50 one way.

To the festival with Baltic Taxi

If you want to travel to Positivus festival (and back to Riga) in a convenient and comfortable way, as usually you can choose Baltic Taxi cabs, that will give a one way ride to a group of up to 4 people for 77 Euros. Baltic Taxi voucher that you can purchase on the festival’s website will provide a single one-way trip for a route between two addresses, that is from the place passengers are picked up to the festival site (and the other way round).

If there are several picking-up addresses for passengers, there will be an additional charge applied according to the taximeter rates. Likewise, drop offs in several addresses in Riga after the festival will have extra charges according to the taximeter rates. There are no stops planned during the trip, in case they are necessary the terms of payment should be separately agreed with the taxi driver.

Get parking tickets or passes cheaper in advance

This year festival guests that are coming by car can purchase in advance cheaper car parking tickets for the official festival parking lot. The offer will be valid until July 14th when the festival parking lot opens. Ticket price in advance is 10 Euros. On the spot parking lot tickets will cost 15 Euros. These tickets are for single entrance in the official festival parking lot. If you are planning enter and leave parking lot multiple times, parking lot passes are available for 25 Euros in advance and 30 Euros on the spot.

It is strictly forbidden to build tents or sheds at the official parking lot of the festival, as well as to use grill or any other cooking devices. Cars should be parked according to instructions of Positivus festival staff. It is allowed to sleep in cars.

There will be a special Camper Zone across the entrance of the Camping Site for those traveling with campers. Prices for campers are 40 Euros without access to electricity and 70 Euros with access to electricity. In case residents of the Camper Zone want to enter the Camping Site to use services available there, they will have to additionally purchase Camping Site entry tickets. However, if a camper will be parked at the parking lot, the rules of the parking lot will be applied and there won’t be any access to electricity.